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The correct use of Level 1 or 2 and Time & Sales is a priceless addition to any trader’s abilities as they sometimes enable you to see what is probably going to happen BEFORE anything shows on a chart. The knowledge and skill to use this depth of PROFESSIONAL analysis adds a huge edge to your trading and this is just one of the many skills taught face to face 1-2-1 and also on the videos.

Personally I trade US stocks which are open from 2:30pm to 9:00pm UK time, but many of the methods I use and teach can ALSO be used successfully on other trading instruments like INDICES, FOREX, UK and other national stock markets.


I decline sponsorship or any financial involvement whatsoever with any company. I am a trader who also enjoys some teaching.  Most of the people who come to me are by word of mouth from people I’ve taught. Teaching is a minor part of what I do. I trade.

I have been teaching people how to trade the way I do for the last seventeen years and ran my live alert site for fourteen years before closing it in May to save myself time and effort. I now limit face to face teaching to once a week  as I am primarily a trader, though I do enjoy teaching and also getting out from my trading room sometimes and meeting new people who also have a passion for trading. I’m based near London but do travel to teach and lecture as well as having a distance learning video course.

This essentials video course is for people all over the world who prefer to learn at their own pace and/or who do not wish to travel. This can be purchased in sections, see “Course Options” above.

Click above on “Course contents” and “Course Options” to learn more about my coaching and mentoring.


If you  wish to do my 1-2-1 FACE TO FACE COURSE or purchase the ESSENTIALS VIDEO COURSE or the SHORTER VIDEO COURSE (without level 2) or FOREX VIDEO COURSE please contact me.


I have appeared on DVDs and coached many people 1-2-1 and lectured to groups of traders in offices, hotel conference facilities and the Bloomberg TV Centre in the City.

You can always google me to do some research.