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I made the much dreamed of transition from day job to intra day trader of US shares sixteen years ago and have been coaching others how to do the same thing.

I have appeared on DVDs and coached many people 1-2-1 and lectured to groups of traders in offices, hotel conference facilities and the Bloomberg TV Centre in the City of London.

Comments about the 1-2-1 course posted on the web:

I have learned so much from you Richard.  I thought about taking your course for a long time before I pulled the trigger.  You are the guru.  When  I trade like you teach, I make money, when I do what I used to do I lose money.  Thankfully, I am getting better at following your lead.  You have changed my life and I am grateful for that.  I really enjoy your commentary on the site as well, please keep it up.

Your site and all of your knowledge has been of great benefit to me

“Great Course!”

The many different techniques Richard teaches you aren’t scalping techniques. They are high probability techniques if the market conditions are right. I would definitely recommend this course.

” An absolute pleasure”

My day with Richard was an absolute pleasure. I was looking to jump the learning curve to add US stocks to my arsenal and could have spent the coaching fee on a few duff trades trying to figure it out for myself. Richard has a relaxing manner and made my day a pleasure. I told him what exactly I wanted from the session and he provided it to the letter and more. Overall Richard was at all times helpful, knowledgeable, concise and to the point. Anything that needed explanation was done with simplicity. The potential of his teaching was obvious to me. I did a lot of research in to a training session and what I wanted with clear objectives and who would be the best person to provide it. If you do the same you will not be disappointed Richard more than exceeded my expectations.

“1st Class Coaching from a 1st Class Trader”

Prior to the day itself, Richard and I communicated over several months via e-mail, during which time he answered endless questions. Having fallen prey to a ‘get rich quick’ vendor in the past, I was anxious not to repeat the same mistake again. So, with my questions answered, references followed up and a series of trades sent ‘live’ to my Inbox, I was satisfied that here was someone who could not only ‘talk the talk’, but ‘walk the walk’ as well. With this proof of evidence, I took the plunge and booked our day together.

Richard visited me in my home in Devon, a long drive from Surrey where he lives. We began the day by going through the 12 pages of type written notes that he gave me at the outset. Some of these were self-explanatory and some required a lot of explanation. (The relative ease or difficulty will depend upon the knowledge and experience of each individual student). This was followed by working through the extensive set of charts that accompanied the notes and illustrated the main set-ups favoured by Richard at the time. Each set-up included additional charts without any notation in order that I could pinpoint both the set-up itself and the entry trigger and, in turn, Richard could be sure that I’d understood the key points. The remainder of the day was spent at my computer using my software and my data feed etc. to explain how he finds stocks that are poised to move on the day. Armed with the insights gained in the ‘classroom’, I was then able to see how the selected stocks moved in response to market sentiment, in real time. What an eye opener that was!

If you are looking for, and think you are paying for, the ‘holy grail’ that requires no work and guarantees success, then walk away – this training is NOT for you. However, if you want some simple and proven set-ups that make money consistently day trading U.S. equities and you have the discipline to practice and to adhere to the methodologies as they are taught, then I recommend Richard’s coaching to you with enthusiasm and without reservation. There is every reason to suppose that his training will catapult you into the elite 5% who make money every day in the markets. Good luck with whatever you decide

Comments about a lecture at Bloomberg:

” Well presented, well thought out with simple messages and excellent examples was what I thought of Mr Charts’ talk. It is easy to enter trades but much harder to exit them properly. Starting his talk about exit strategies was inspired and correctly pitched the importance of a good exit where it belongs – in the forefront of your mind.”

” Richard was insightful and straightforward in his analysis which is an immense achievement in this type of arena, and it is a lesson that we should all remember that trading for a living is only as difficult as we make it.”

” Richard Joyson (Mr. Charts) kicked off with a superb presentation of his methodology for trading US stocks. The level of detail he went into really impressed me – no vagueness here, just a direct and complete breakdown of his exit/entry/risk strategy with loads of examples of real trades – brilliant.”