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The service consists of a private subscription only site which has been running since 2005 providing members with on-going trading education in the form of live alerts, trade analysis and commentary.

You log on to where you will see:

1. The stocks on my watch list live BEFORE the market opens. Please note there will not be any buy/sell/short advice.

2. There are a minimum of SIX watch lists live during the UK afternoon (US morning). Please note there will not be any buy/sell/short advice.

3. A Trade Analysis section where charts and other material will be posted from time to time.

Items 1 and 2 will be provided a minimum of four mornings (US mornings) a week on average if there are five trading days in the week.

This is a service designed for educational purposes only and is not advice to buy/sell/short at any time whatsoever and no such advice will be implied or given. Your trades are your responsibility and yours alone.

Please note there is NO support, explanations or questions answered included with membership.

Membership is NOT a substitute for doing either the 1-2-1 course or the Essentials Video Course.

The subscription period is three months and the fee for those first three months is £220 (US$288 approx) – only £16.92 (US$22 approx) a week.

If you  wish to subscribe or do my 1-2-1 face to face course or purchase the Essentials Video Course please contact me.